Dr. Trihinas participated as a trainer and coach at TechCamp 2019 which was held this year in Cyprus at the University of Nicosia.

Dr. Trihinas training session was entitled “Storytelling through Data: From Mining Raw Data to Story Visualization” and focused on giving the audience a broad overview of how adopting the Data Science process can benefit the organizations of the participants (e.g., NGOs, government agencies, educators, journalists).

You can find the slides of the presentation on SlideShare by clicking here.

This year TechCamp was entitled “Digital Citizenship in the Disinformation Age” and focused on media literacy, critical thinking, data management and cybersecurity skills which are vital components of 21st-century life.

TechCamps are event hosted globally by the US embassy and local authorities in an attempt to create connections, spark innovation, and empower civil society to solve the world’s most pressing challenges through technology.