During the opening ceremony of the prestigious 27th IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2022), our paper entitled “BenchPilot: Repeatable & Reproducible Benchmarking for Edge Micro-DCs” won the Best Student Paper Award!

In a nutshell, BenchPilot is a modular and highly customizable benchmarking framework for edge micro-DCs. BenchPilot provides a high-level declarative model for describing experiment testbeds and scenarios that automates the benchmarking process on data Streaming Distributed Processing Engines (SDPEs). The latter enables users to focus on performance analysis instead of dealing with the complex and time-consuming setup. BenchPilot instantiates the underlying cluster, performs repeatable experimentation, and provides a unified monitoring stack in heterogeneous Micro-DCs.

If you want to try BenchPilot out, take a look at the getting started guide and demo here: https://ucy-linc-lab.github.io/BenchPilot/