During the recent IDEK (https://www.research.org.cy/) funding round (INNOVOUCΗERS/0722), our lab was awarded 2 innovation vouchers. The INNOVOUCHERS program enables Cypriot SMEs to realise the benefits in developing innovative solutions from their involvement in research activities through cooperation with leading research organisations.

For one of the projects, the AILab will partner with AC Goldman Solutions and Services LTD (https://acgoldman.com/) to design an AI-Driven Intrusion Detection Service as a Cloud offering for malware classification through the adoption of innovative AI algorithms that are capable of analysing network data and pinpointing potential intrusion attempts and vulnerabilities in real-time. Through this project, AILab will showcase and extend its experience in big data stream processing, cloud elastic scaling, and malware classification.

For the other project, the AILab will partner with Resoloupe LTD (https://www.resoloupe.com/) to design an AI-Powered Hotel Chatbot as a digital customer service agent that will be deployed on behalf of a hotel to mimic the interaction between a customer (hotel resident) and a human hotel employee. The purpose of the Intelligent Hotel Chatbot is to improve the quality of communication and the response time between residents and the hotel management team with 24/7 customer service. In addition, it will intelligently promote products and services in a targeted manner by identifying individual residents and their needs to successfully increase the hotel’s revenue. Through this project the AILab will showcase and extend its experience in the design of Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms and the development of AI-powered chatbot services.