On Saturday, May 6th, 2023, the AILab and the Department of Computer
Science organized an AI and Data Science Day at the University of Nicosia.
The 2.5-hour event aimed at introducing to a young audience (high-school
students) what is Data Science, the role of AI in our society, future career
prospects, and study opportunities at UNIC.

UNIC has the only accredited BSc in Data Science program in Cyprus,
while its industry-driven MSc in Data Science is offered in Distance
Learning mode for 3 semesters.

After short presentations given by Prof. Athena Stassopoulou (Head of CS
Dept and Co-director of the AILab) and Dr. Demetris Trihinas (Lecturer and
AILab Senior Member) several interactive presentations and activities
were performed with the participants. Several of these interactive
showcases were conducted by AILab members.
Some examples are the following:

  • Anna-Maria Kyriakou and Stefanos Christou (BSc in Data Science,
    2nd year) talked to the participants about robot programming and
    showcased a game they developed with participants having the
    opportunity to play “against” our NAO robot!
  • Constantinos Romantzis (MSc in Data Science) talked about
    chatbots, AI models (even chat-GPT!), and introduced the chatbot he
    has developed and integrated with Facebook Messenger that aids in
    dietary data collection and recommendations.
  • Ali Tayari (BSc in Computer Science alumnus and current PhD
    cand.), demonstrated the Pepper robot “Nicky” and talked to
    participants about the robot’s features and the programs that
    support it.
  • Dr. Demetris Trihinas introduced the FlockAI framework for testing
    ML-driven drone applications and showcased examples of student
    drone programming projects on a DJI drone.